We are proud to be a Tubex distributor.

Tubex is the UK’s leading producer of tree shelters to enhance growth of young plants and protect plants from bark-stripping and browsing animals.

Tubex tubes, shelters, guards and meshes are widely used by estate managers, farmers and landscapers to promote successful establishment of young trees and shrubs.

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Tubex Tree & Shrub Shelters

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  1. Tubex Tree Shelters
    Tubex Tree Shelters
    As low as £1.45 £1.21
  2. Tubex Shrub Shelters
    Tubex Shrub Shelters
    As low as £2.77 £2.31
  3. Tubex Ecostarts
    Tubex Ecostarts
    As low as £1.40 £1.17
  4. Tubex Vole Guards
    Tubex Vole Guards
    As low as £0.42 £0.35
  5. Tubex Nature Tree Shelters
    Tubex Nature Tree Shelters
    As low as £3.24 £2.70
  6. Tubex Nature Vole Guards
    Tubex Nature Vole Guards
    As low as £0.70 £0.58
  7. Tubex Nature Shrub Shelters
    Tubex Nature Shrub Shelters
    Out of stock
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