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  1. Rosa arvensis - Field Rose
    Rosa arvensis - Field Rose
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  2. Rosa canina - Dog Rose
    Rosa canina - Dog Rose
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  3. Rosa rubiginosa - Sweet Briar Rose
    Rosa rubiginosa - Sweet Briar Rose
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We provide a range of Rosa bare root plants, including Rosa arvensis, Rosa canina & Rosa rubiginosa.

Field Rose (Rosa arvensis) is fast-growing, with arching stems, it differs from the Dog Rose in that it has pure white flowers, with a very conspicuous mass of golden stamens, and more rounded hips. Good wildlife value.

The Dog Rose (Rosa canina) is also fast growing, it is perhaps best used in mixed wildlife hedging and on woodland margins to add colour in summer and autumn. Its pretty pink and white flowers on arching branches and oval scarlet hips have great charm and it has good wildlife value.

Sweet Briar Rose (Rosa rubiginosa) can at first sight be mistaken for a Dog Rose. With similar flowers and foliage, the major difference between the two is that the Sweet Briar has leaves which give off a sweet apple scent, especially after rain or in humid conditions.

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