Horse Friendly Hedge Pack

Horse Friendly Hedge Pack

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Bare root from November to mid-April.

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We recommend

We recommend that you plant with Rootgrow™ to boost growth and increase survival rates.

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Our horse friendly hedge packs are available on special offer for the 2020-2021 planting season - offering a 10% saving on list price.

An ever-popular request that we receive is for hedge species that are safe for use with horses. Our horse friendly hedge pack offers species suitable for use where horses are present and includes relevant protection in the form of spiral guards and bamboo canes for ease. If grazed by horses, the species within the pack should cause no harm.

Each pack contains the following (all plants are 40-60cm 1+0 unless stated otherwise):

  • 60% Hawthorn plants
  • 10% Field Maple plants (20-40cm 1+0)
  • 10% Dog Rose plants
  • 10% Hazel plants (20-40cm 1+0)
  • 10% Goat Willow plants
  • Spiral guards - 60cm x 40mm diameter
  • Supporting bamboo canes - 90cm x 12/14lbs per 100 canes


250 plants
Covers 50m when planted at the suggested rate of 5 plants per metre.

500 plants
Covers 100m when planted at the suggested rate of 5 plants per metre.

1000 plants
Covers 200m when planted at the suggested rate of 5 plants per metre.