18 June 2024

Gary Rogers - New Managing Director

Staff at British Hardwood Tree Nursery said 'thank you, goodbye and good luck' to former owners Andrew and Zoe Henderson who left the business on 31st May. After taking over from his late father John Henderson in 1998, Andrew's vision and guidance helped build the highly respected, customer focused business that British Hardwood Tree Nursery is today.
25 October 2022

Office & Warehouse Development

Since 1989, BHT office staff have operated out of one, then two, then three Portakabins. Having long been at maximum capacity, the team needed to expand further in order to meet growing demand. The plunge was taken last year to invest in 21st century offices and additional warehouse capacity.
4 October 2022

Seed Sourcing Grant

The Seed Sourcing Grant (SSG) is now open for applications. The SSG is a competitive grant to provide support for activities that enhance the quality, quantity, and diversity of tree seed sources in England. It is open to any UK-based public, private, or third sector organisation that can demonstrate how the grant will be used to enhance the quality, quantity, and diversity of English seed stands and seed orchards.
3 October 2022

BHT at APF 2022

After a few years postponement, it was great to catch up face to face with existing customers and introduce British Hardwood Tree Nursery to new trade clients at APF 2022. Lots of interest in our bare root plants ahead of the upcoming season, plus Tubex, NexGen and our range of bio accessories.
31 August 2022

Plant Healthy Certified

We are delighted to announce British Hardwood Tree Nursery are now Plant Healthy certified. Plant Healthy aims to help people and businesses grow and supply healthy plants, because it is recognised that the most common way for pests to be introduced into a new area is by the movement of live plants.

28 January 2022

Funding for Tree Planting

A new drive to encourage farmers and landowners across England to plant and manage more trees has launched this week, including the England Woodland Creation Offer, where you could receive over £10,000 per hectare to support your woodland creation scheme.
12 May 2021

Recycling tree protection

The benefits of using tree protection around young seedlings are widely known. They help with fast establishment and improved growth rates, protection from nibbling animals, which can stunt a plants growth or transform what should be a tree into a shrub, and they can help protect from land operations such as mechanical weeding and spraying.
1 March 2021

Wrapping the vine

The core principles of plant protection apply whether you are planting out a tree, shrub, hedging or vine plant. If you protect your young plants from pests and chemical spraying, whilst at the same time creating a micro-climate that fosters growth, you give your young plants the best chance of not only surviving their early years – but thriving.
13 January 2021

BHT gains FSC® certification

The Forestry Stewardship Council® helps take care of forests and the people and wildlife who call them home. The FSC® system enables companies like British Hardwood Tree Nursery to demonstrate that the FSC certified square sawn stakes we sell come from well-managed forests.
10 July 2020

Tree Protection Guide

The government has committed to increase new planting of woodland to 30,000 hectares a year in the United Kingdom. In England, a significant proportion of this will be with broadleaved trees which must have adequate protection to ensure successful establishment.