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Hitting a 10 year milestone at BHT: Richard Furness & Keiron Proctor

9 November 2018 No comments

BHT can only operate to its continually high standards with the hard work and professionalism of its close-knit and enthusiastic team. Two of our BHT team have reached their 10 year service milestones this season - so we're saying THANK YOU to Richard Furness and Keiron Proctor.

Replacing plant losses from the extreme Summer 2018 | The EPREC

15 October 2018 No comments

Did you receive grant funding for woodland creation and planted last Winter? Have you subsequently faced significant losses in these newly planted trees and hedging due to the unusually warm Summer this year? Then help is at hand - you may be eligible for a new grant to replace and plant afresh. EPREC is a new grant for replacement plants - are you eligible?

BHT at APF: Showcasing bareroot plants and protection in 2018

28 September 2018 No comments

Promoting the company and its trees, hedging and plant protection options to 22,000 visitors alongside 320 exhibitors - BHT enjoyed their second time as exhibitors at APF 2018. The largest event for forestry and arboriculture in the UK, the APF Exhibition took place on 20-22 September 2018 at Ragley Estate in Alcester, Warwickshire.

BHT adds UK Sourced and Grown (UKSG) assurance to its supply of bare root plants

16 July 2018 No comments

National charity the Woodland Trust’s UK Sourced and Grown (UKSG) Assurance initiative is aimed at protecting the provenance of native trees. BHT can now add UKSG Assurance to other industry certifications, reinforcing the confidence and provenance the company has already provided to its network of UK customers for over a quarter of a century.

Tree growth boosted with tree protection

28 June 2018 No comments

Trees thrive in quality treeshelters; the microclimate within the tube helps to promote accelerated growth, whilst protecting young trees from predators, herbicides and inhospitable environmental conditions. That’s why we, as the UK’s leading specialist supplier of bare root trees, shrubs, hedgerow plants and planting accessories, recommend and supply TUBEX treeshelters with our trees to the forestry sector.