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Wrapping the vine

1 March 2021

The core principles of plant protection apply whether you are planting out a tree, shrub, hedging or vine plant. If you protect your young plants from pests and chemical spraying, whilst at the same time creating a micro-climate that fosters growth, you give your young plants the best chance of not only surviving their early years – but thriving.

BHT gains FSC® certification

13 January 2021

The Forestry Stewardship Council® helps take care of forests and the people and wildlife who call them home. The FSC® system enables companies like British Hardwood Tree Nursery to demonstrate that the FSC certified square sawn stakes we sell come from well-managed forests.

Tree Protection Guide

10 July 2020 No comments

The government has committed to increase new planting of woodland to 30,000 hectares a year in the United Kingdom. In England, a significant proportion of this will be with broadleaved trees which must have adequate protection to ensure successful establishment.

Woodland Carbon Guarantee Funding

15 April 2020 No comments

Farmers and land managers can apply for the Woodland Carbon Guarantee scheme to create new woodlands that help tackle the effects of climate change. The Forestry Commission has announced that £10m will be available in the second auction of the Woodland Carbon Guarantee.

Urban Tree Challenge Fund

3 April 2020 No comments

Looking for funding to support your urban tree planting scheme? The Urban Tree Challenge Fund (UTCF) was developed in response to HM Treasury releasing £10 million in the 2018 Autumn Budget announcement for planting at least 20,000 large trees and 110,000 small trees in urban areas in England.