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We provide a range of Tubex Vine Shelters which offer an improved growing environment. Including Tubex Vine Original, Tubex Ecovine & Tubex Vinewrap.

The Tubex Vine Original is a first class vine shelter that creates an improved growing environment offering the potential for earlier fruiting, whilst also protecting the vine from animal browsing, herbicide sprays and accidental damage during mechanical weeding.

The Tubex Ecovine offers an economical solution to vine growth enhancement and protection, and is one of the most popular Tubex vine shelters. Often reused, Tubex Ecovines are UV stabilised for up to three years of life, although this does depend on site conditions.

Tubex Vinewraps, with their split tubular twin-wall construction, offer protection against rabbits, herbicide and mechanical damage. A lower cost option that will protect vines for a single season, they improve establishment and early growth of the vine.

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