Plant Availability

Please find below a selection of plants and quantities available for despatch from our nursery.

The bare root season runs until mid-April, so there is still plenty of time to plant, but certain species are running low. Reserve your plants today to avoid disappointment.

As stock is selling fast, the figures below act only as a guide. The 'remaining' quantities listed on individual plant species pages give a closer indication of 'live' availability.

Last updated: Friday 26th February 2021 at 11:25

Qty Remaining Species Height Age/Form
1950 Acer pseudoplatanus (Region 40) 20-40cm 2+0
Horse Chestnut
172 Aesculus hippocastanum (UK405) 40-60cm 1u1
Common Alder
1150 Alnus glutinosa (UK403) 40-60cm 2+0
Silver Birch
4639 Betula pendula (UK202) 20-40cm 1+0
2143 Betula pendula (UK202) 40-60cm 1+0
Downy Birch
5213 Betula pubescens (UK109) 40-60cm 1+0
224 Buxus sempervirens 30-40cm 1+2
2243 Crataegus monogyna (UK403) 40-60cm 1+0
26,709 Crataegus monogyna (UK405) 40-60cm 1+1
Green Beech
18,046 Fagus sylvatica (UK404) 40-60cm 1u1
1022 Fagus sylvatica (UK404) 60-80cm 1u1
909 Lonicera periclymenum 20-40cm P9 container
Wild Cherry
586 Prunus avium (UK403) 60-80cm 1+0
Bird Cherry
855 Prunus padus 40-60cm 1+0
Sessile Oak
82 Quercus petraea (UK304) 40-60cm 1u1
English Oak
6076 Quercus robur (UK405) 30-50cm 1+0
3597 Quercus robur (UK405) 50-80cm 1+0
4104 Quercus robur (UK405) 60-80cm 1u1
2645 Sorbus aucuparia (UK201) 40-60cm 1+0
571 Sorbus aucuparia (UK201) 60-80cm 1+0
European Larch
892 Larix decidua 20-40cm Cell grown
Sitka Spruce
340 Picea sitchensis 20-40cm Cell grown
Scots Pine
556 Pinus sylvestris 15-30cm Cell grown
102 Taxus baccata 15-25cm P9 container
Western Red Cedar
433 Thuja plicata 20-40cm Cell grown