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  1. Abies nordmanniana - Nordmann Fir
    Abies nordmanniana - Nordmann Fir
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  2. Abies nobilis - Noble Fir
    Abies nobilis - Noble Fir
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We provide a range of Abies coniferous bare root plants, including Abies nordmanniana & Abies procera.

Nordmann Fir (Abies nordmanniana) makes a large, handsome tree, fast-growing after the first few years, and is often planted to replace the disease-prone Silver Fir. It is becoming ever more popular as a Christmas tree because it has luxuriant foliage with attractive flattened leaves which don’t shrivel and drop in heated rooms.

The Noble Fir (Abies nobilis) is an imposing tree with downward-sweeping grey-blue foliage and large cones which are borne very freely, it makes an impressive specimen tree. First brought to Britain in 1830, it is the largest of the true firs, hence the common name ‘Noble’.

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