Picea (Spruce)

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  1. Picea abies - Norway Spruce
    Picea abies - Norway Spruce
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  2. Picea sitchensis - Sitka Spruce
    Picea sitchensis - Sitka Spruce
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We provide a range of Picea bare root plants, including Picea abies & Picea sitchensis.

Norway Spruce (Picea abies) is native to northern Europe. Fast growing, it is widely grown commercially, not only as a Christmas crop, but for its timber which is used in the construction industry and for wood pulp.

The Sitka Spruce (Picea Sitchensis) is very fast-growing and is the largest of the world’s spruce species. Originating in Alaska, it does best in areas of high rainfall where it will grow up to 1m a year, producing high quality usable timber in as little as 50 years.

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