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  1. Weed Control Mats
    Weed Control Mats
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  2. Biodegradable Jute & Hessian Weed Mats
    Biodegradable Jute & Hessian Weed Mats
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  3. Biodegradable Weed Mats
    Biodegradable Weed Mats
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  4. Degradable Weed Mats
    Degradable Weed Mats
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We offer a range of Weed Mats to suppress weed growth. Including Weed Control Mats, Biodegradable Weed Mats & Degradable Weed Mats.

Our weed control mats are individually pre-cut and will suppress competition to young trees. It will also help to retain moisture at the base of the plant.

The biodegradable weed mats retain moisture in arid conditions but allow passage of moisture in damp conditions without compromising the ability to suppress weed growth, resulting in improved growing conditions without the need for chemical treatment.

We offer a degradable weed mat to help suppress competing weed growth, which is manufactured from 98% natural jute and wood fibres, with a woven polypropylene backing.

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