Biodegradable Jute & Hessian Weed Mats

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Square-50cm x 50cm 100 £1.61 £1.34 18%
Square-50cm x 50cm 500 £1.48 £1.23 25%
Square-50cm x 50cm 1000 £1.36 £1.13 31%
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Use our biodegradable, all natural, jute & hessian weed mats to improve growing conditions without the need for chemical treatment.

Fully biodegradable, these weed mats are made from jute fibres with a hessian backing and are available in two shapes - round or square.

Ideal for use around the base of a young tree plant, they are robust and easy to install, coming with a pre-cut slit (or 'spat').

These jute and hessian weed mats suppress weeds, protect plant roots from frost, and retain moisture in arid conditions, whilst allowing moisture to pass through in damp conditions.


· Weed suppression
· Moisture control
· Temperature control
· Easy to install


· Prepare flattened ground by weeding or strimming prior to installation
· Wrap around base of plant
· Fix into position with pegs or pins

Biodegradable Jute & Hessian Weed Mats
Form Mat
Colour Natural
Composition - Upper layer 100% jute
Composition - Bottom layer Hessian
Weight 575g/m2 (+/- 5%)
Nominal thickness/depth 5.5mm
Width N/A 50cm
Length N/A 50cm
Diameter 40cm N/A
Area covered 0.125m2 0.25m2
Split/spat Circular Square
Opaque Yes
Water permeable Yes
Biodegradable 100%
Lifespan Two to three growing seasons (approx 24 to 36 months depending on weather)
Recycleable Compostable/organic material
61 TEX


1. It is important to prepare the ground before laying your matting. Ideally weed the area and/or strim to create a flat surface.

2. Notch or pit plant your plant then wrap your mat around it’s base, ideally overlapping the edges slightly to avoid weeds breaking through.

3. Fix the mat in place with pegs or metal pins. For square mats we recommend 5 pegs or pins –located in the four corners and one in the middle of the overlap slit.

TIP: We recommend using an extra 4 pegs or pins (i.e. 9 in total) if you are using your square weed mat in a windy location. Position these extra pegs or pins between the corners.

For our round bio jute and hessian weed mats, we recommend using 5 pegs or pins. Alternatively, you could overlap the slit and use one peg to hold both sides down (i.e. total 4 pegs).

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Biodegradable Jute & Hessian Weed Mats - Advice Sheet (721 KB)

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