Tubex Shrub Shelters

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Online ordering & payment options

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60cm-130-160mm-28 100 £2.51 £2.09 10%
60cm-130-160mm-28 300 £2.29 £1.91 17%
60cm-130-160mm-28 500 £2.11 £1.76 24%
60cm-130-160mm-28 1000 £1.96 £1.63 29%
60cm-130-160mm-28 2500 £1.81 £1.51 35%
60cm-130-160mm-28 5000 £1.75 £1.46 37%
60cm-130-160mm-28 10000 £1.70 £1.42 39%
60cm-144-200mm-35 100 £3.65 £3.04 10%
60cm-144-200mm-35 300 £3.34 £2.78 18%
60cm-144-200mm-35 500 £3.07 £2.56 24%
60cm-144-200mm-35 1000 £2.84 £2.37 30%
60cm-144-200mm-35 2500 £2.64 £2.20 35%
60cm-144-200mm-35 5000 £2.56 £2.13 37%
60cm-144-200mm-35 10000 £2.47 £2.06 39%
75cm-130-160mm-28 100 £2.84 £2.37 10%
75cm-130-160mm-28 300 £2.60 £2.17 17%
75cm-130-160mm-28 500 £2.39 £1.99 24%
75cm-130-160mm-28 1000 £2.22 £1.85 29%
75cm-130-160mm-28 2500 £2.06 £1.72 34%
75cm-130-160mm-28 5000 £1.99 £1.66 37%
75cm-130-160mm-28 10000 £1.93 £1.61 39%
75cm-144-200mm-35 100 £3.90 £3.25 9%
75cm-144-200mm-35 300 £3.56 £2.97 17%
75cm-144-200mm-35 500 £3.28 £2.73 24%
75cm-144-200mm-35 1000 £3.04 £2.53 30%
75cm-144-200mm-35 2500 £2.82 £2.35 35%
75cm-144-200mm-35 5000 £2.74 £2.28 36%
75cm-144-200mm-35 10000 £2.64 £2.20 39%
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Note: Stake and plant sold separately

Tubex distributor

Tubex Distributor

We are an official Tubex distributor.

Discounted square sawn tree stakes when purchased with protection

You can benefit from discounted stake prices when purchasing a similar quantity of protection, where the stakes are required to support the purchased protection. If you are planning to purchase square sawn tree stakes too, please use this option to benefit from discounted prices.

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The Shrub Shelter is a wider diameter shelter designed to accommodate large and multi-stemmed plants.

Frequently used for landscaping projects with mixed planting stock, Tubex Shrub Shelters provide plants with more space to grow – preferred by bushier plants such as Laurel, Hazel, Dogwood and Holly. 

The Shelter helps deliver an enhanced microclimate, encouraging growth, whilst protecting against animal browsing and herbicide spray.

Designed to last a minimum of 5 years, Tubex Shrub Shelters help boost survival rates in the early stages of a shrub’s life and are suitable for both bare root and cell grown plants.

To protect against rabbits choose the 60cm height, and for hare choose 75cm. 

Also available in a ‘Plus’ size diameter for extra bushy plants, they are easy to install, aiding strong root and stem growth, allowing planting of smaller, more affordable plants.

Note - Shelter longevity is dependent on site and weather conditions.


  • Protects from browsing animals
  • Protects from herbicide spray
  • Creates microclimate to promote healthy growth
  • Easy installation – comes with pre-fitted releasable cable tie(s)

Installation (view the installation tab above for a more comprehensive installation guide)

  • Plant bare root or cell grown plant.
  • Insert stake next to plant.
  • Install shelter over plant, gently pushing into ground.
  • Firmly tighten pre-fitted cable tie(s) around stake.
  • Plan for removal and recycling at end of life once the tree is established. More information on recycling is available here.
Dimensions Tubex Shrub Shelter Range Tubex Shrub Shelter Standard Plus Range
Height^ 60cm 75cm 60cm 75cm
Diameter 130-160mm 130-160mm 144-200mm 144-200mm
Number of cable ties 2 2 2 2
Type of cable ties Releasable Releasable Releasable Releasable
Length of cable tie 250mm (10 inches) 250mm (10 inches) 250mm (10 inches) 250mm (10 inches)
Height of top cable tie from ground^^ 400mm 500mm 400mm 500mm
Height of bottom cable tie from ground^^ 150mm 200mm 150mm 200mm
Average weight/tube 160g 201g 238g 298g

^ Manufacturing tolerance of tube height +/- 25mm

^^ Manufacturing tolerance of cable tie height +/- 15mm

Packaging Tubex Shrub Shelter Range Tubex Shrub Shelter Standard Plus Range
Nest 4 4 5 5
Bundle 28 28 35 35
Bag or strap banded Bag Bag Bag Bag
Material · For all sizes
Tube Polypropylene (30% recycled material)
Cable tie Nylon
Tube colour Green
Service life (tube) Minimum 5 years
Biodegradable No
End of life Remove for recycling
Recyclable Yes
Recycling options Use a local Recycling Centre and the bin for 'Plastic' (Code 5 PP).
Or contact Tubex for details of their Collection & Recycling scheme.
Or use a similar agricultural recycling service.
Recommended support Stake

Plant Welfare

Wide diameter

Wide diameter
Larger diameter suitable for plant species that require more space to grow.

Animal protection

Animal protection
Protects young plants from bark-stripping and browsing animals.

Herbicide protection

Herbicide protection
The tube protects from herbicide spray.

Light transmission

Light transmission
Creates a mini greenhouse effect, encouraging growth.

Wind protection

Wind protection
Delivers wind break effect, protecting plants on exposed sites.

Flared rim

Flared rim
To minimise stem abrasion.


To allow the tree to break free.


UV stabilised polypropylene

UV stabilised polypropylene
Provides minimum 5 years protection.

Strengthening rods

Strengthening rods
To prevent tearing at stake area.

Twin walled

Twin walled
Delivers best strength to weight ratio.


Through local supplier or via the Tubex Collection & Recycling Scheme.



For ease of movement around site.

Pre-fitted cable ties

Pre-fitted cable tie(s)
Thumb-releasable for easy installation & maintenance.

Green colour

Green colour
Blends into background.


Identify which damaging agent (animal) you wish to protect your plants from.

This will influence the height of your protection and the wooden stake to support it.

Depending on the height selected, Shrub Shelters can help protect against voles, rabbits and hare.

Tubex Shrub Shelters - Available sizes

Key - Tubex Shrub SheltersTubex Shrub Shelters - Available sizes

Protecting against Vole Rabbit Hare Muntjac, Roe Deer Fallow Deer Red Deer
Minimum height of tube for protection 20cm 60cm 75cm 1.20m 1.50m 1.80m
Height of supporting stake* Not required 75cm 90cm 1.20m or 1.35m 1.50m 1.80m
Diameter type N/A Standard Standard Standard or Standard Plus Standard Plus Standard Plus
*It is advisable to use a longer stake for sandier, lighter soils.

Diameter types

Tubes are nested (one inside the other), to save space and time when moving plant protection around a site.

Diameters describe the range of diameters you will find in a nest of tubes, from the smallest to the largest.

Shrub Shelters are available in a standard and also a 'Plus' size.

Use the 'Plus' size range for larger planting stock or for plants that are likely to have bushier growth.

Diameter types


Planting bare root or cell grown plants is a straightforward task, however, do not attempt to plant if the ground is frozen or waterlogged. Find a suitable position for your plants, bearing in mind future growth and potential height and spread at maturity.

Bare rooted or cell grown plants can be ‘notch’ planted in 3 steps:


1. Begin by inserting the blade of a spade into the ground. Push the spade handle away from you and then bring it back towards you. Once you remove the spade, you will see that you have created a cavity or ‘notch’ in the ground.

2. For bare root - place the plant roots within the cavity and shake to ensure that all of the roots are in the cavity and pointing downwards.
For cell grown – place the cell gently into the ground. Ensure the top of the plug (the soil surrounding the roots) is positioned at 2 to 4cm below the surface to avoid drying out.

3. Fill the cavity with soil. Use your heel to firm the soil around the plant to remove any air pockets. Once planted, give them a good water if practical to do so.

You are now ready to install your support and protection.



1. After planting, position the stake on the windward side if there are strong prevailing winds, and between 2cm to 5cm from the base of the plant.

2. Hammer the stake into the ground with a stake driver or mallet (ideally knocking 1/3 of its height into the ground). Ensure it is vertical (particularly important on sloping ground). The top of the stake should be below the top rim of the shelter and above the top tie wrap.


1. Position the shelter over the tree, making sure not to damage any lateral branches, sliding the releasable tie wraps over the stake at the same time.

2. Push the shelter into the ground 1-2cm. This forms a safe barrier to deter vermin from burrowing under the shelter.

3. Tighten the thumb releasable ratchet ties, ensuring the shelter is firmly positioned.

4. Tuck the tie ends into the holes in the shelter for neatness and to deter rubbing by deer or sheep.


Plan for removal and recycling of shelters at end of life once the tree is established. More information on recycling is available here.

Download PDF

Download Technical Data Sheet

Our carefully prepared, information-rich technical data sheets can be downloaded in PDF format for convenience.

Download link:
Tubex Shrub Shelters - Technical Data Sheet (711 KB)

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