Recycling tree protection


The benefits of using tree protection around young seedlings are widely known. They help with fast establishment and improved growth rates, protection from nibbling animals, which can stunt a plants growth or transform what should be a tree into a shrub, and they can help protect from land operations such as mechanical weeding and spraying.

Whilst the tree or hedging plant will live long and prosper, the protection used to nurture its first years of life should be removed once the plant is established. This should be planned into the lifecycle of a planting scheme – typically 3 years into its establishment.

There are an increasing number of local suppliers that can offer recycling services for tree protection, including

Tubex Collection & Recycling Programme

As the leading supplier of tree protection in the UK, Tubex also offer this service. The Tubex Collection & Recycling Programme aims to create a second life for Tubex Tree Shelters by reusing the plastic in them. Tubex have a bespoke recycling centre and can recycle any genuine Tubex tube, however old and whatever its condition.

To find out how you can participate, download our advice sheet here.

12 May 2021
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