Tree Belting Accessories

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  1. Hoop Collars
    Hoop Collars
    As low as £0.18 £0.15
  2. Rubber Tree Cushions
    Rubber Tree Cushions
    As low as £1.08 £0.90
  3. Rubber Jumbo Spacers
    Rubber Jumbo Spacers
    As low as £1.70 £1.42
  4. Rubber Blocks
    Rubber Blocks
    As low as £1.80 £1.50
  5. Galvanised Clout Nails
    Galvanised Clout Nails
    As low as £3.46 £2.88
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We offer a range of Tree Belting Accessories to accompany Tree Belting. Including Hoop Collars, Rubber Tree Cushions, Rubber Jumbo Spacers, Rubber Blocks & Galvanised Clout Nails.

Hoop collars are designed to sit between the tree stake and the tree to prevent the two rubbing together in windy conditions. This rubbing can often cause damage to the tree.

Rubber Tree Cushions are made from environmentally friendly rubber, they feature a hollow middle to offer a bouncy and soft support between the tree stake and young tree, to allow for maximum movement.

Rubber Jumbo Spacers sit between the stake and tree and are manufactured from environmentally friendly rubber. With a hollow centre, jumbo spacers offer a bouncy and soft support between the two to allow for maximum movement for the benefit of young trees.

With two concave surfaces, rubber blocks fit snugly between the tree and stake to ensure very little movement of the tree. The rubber blocks include nail holes through the block to aid easy installation.

Our galvanised clout nails are ideal for use with our range of tree belting & strapping. Galvanised for longevity, our clout nails are 25mm in length and come in two bag sizes; a 250g pack and a 1kg pack.

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