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We provide a range of Tubex wraps which offer an improved growing environment. Including Tubex Easywraps, Tubex Fruitwraps & Tubex Vinewrap.

Our Tubex Easywraps consist of a twin wall with a vertical split which creates a natural overlap, allowing the Easywrap to provide a microclimate conducive to better growth and survival rates. Easywraps are generally considered to be an alternative to spiral guards.

The Fruitwraps accelerate growth, improve survival rates, and offer protection against browsing and herbicide. As the name suggests, Tubex Fruitwraps are suited to fruit and olive tree applications.

Tubex Vinewraps, with their split tubular twin-wall construction, offer protection against rabbits, herbicide and mechanical damage. The biggest advantage of the Vinewrap is that it can be quickly removed at any time to aid inspection, pruning and bud rubbing.

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