Bio Protection & Accessories

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Our range of bio protection products and accessories cater for those who wish to keep environmental impact to a minimum when planting.

The introduction of Tubex Nature tree shelters, which are made from bio-based materials that are non-toxic* and can be left in situ to biodegrade, along with bio spiral guards, which are manufactured from materials that are 100% bio-based and compostable, offer a means to protect plants in an environmentally friendly manner.

Our range of bio products includes the required support for these protection methods, with weed mats and rolls to suppress weed growth, resulting in improved growing conditions without the need for chemical treatment.

* Currently under testing for ISO:17556 Soil Biodegradability. Tested against OECD 207 for Earth worm ecotoxicity and OECD 208 for Plant ecotoxicity no acute toxicity detected.