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  1. Climatic Mesh Shrub Guard
    Climatic Mesh Shrub Guard
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  2. DIY Mesh Guards
    DIY Mesh Guards
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  3. Tubex Shelterguard Mesh Cut Pieces
    Tubex Shelterguard Mesh Cut Pieces
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We provide a range of Flat Pack Mesh Guards, including Climatic Mesh Tree Guard, Climatic Mesh Shrub Guard, Mesh Guard with Spray Shield & Mesh Guard Cut Pieces.

Climatic mesh tree guards are a double mesh protector, ideal for young plants. They have a thick diamond mesh structure to ensure rigidity and resistance to tearing, whilst a finer mesh offers the benefit of creating a microclimate for the plant, with the guards also offering protection from browsing animals.

Our Climatic mesh shrub guards protect young plants from animal damage whilst providing microclimate conducive to growth. The wider diameter of the shrub guard – 200mm – offers more space for plants to develop, preferred by bushier plants such as Laurel, Hazel, Dogwood and Holly.

The Mesh Guard with Spray Shield consists of a mesh upper portion and a solid base, whereby the base will keep chemicals away from plant foliage during spraying in spring and summer. The makeup of the mesh guards means that the movement of air and space within such is increased, which is preferred by some species including Holly, Laurel and Beech.

Mesh guard cut pieces are flat packed sheets of 13mm² mesh which form mesh tubes to protect plants from browsing animals. The flat pack nature of the guards allow for more economical logistics, along with there being a degree of flexibility to alter the diameter of the formed guard.

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