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  1. Rootgrow Mycorrhizal Fungi
    Rootgrow Mycorrhizal Fungi
    As low as £12.37 £10.31
  2. Agromaster Plant Fertiliser
    Agromaster Plant Fertiliser
    As low as £75.54 £62.95
  3. Broadleaf P4 Water Storing Granules
    Broadleaf P4 Water Storing Granules
    As low as £10.67 £8.89
  4. Broadleaf Root Dip
    Broadleaf Root Dip
    As low as £63.36 £52.80
  5. Landscaper Pro Tablets
    Landscaper Pro Tablets
    As low as £126.83 £105.69
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We offer a range of Planting Fertilisers & Additives to help aid growth, including Rootgrow Mycorrhizal Fungi, Agromaster Plant Fertiliser, Osmocote PrePlant, Broadleaf P4 Water Storing Granules, Broadleaf Root Dip & Landscaper Pro Tablets.

Rootgrow™ simply speeds up an existing natural process and enhances a plant’s root system. Top gardeners like Monty Don recommend using Mychorrizal Fungi when planting bareroot plants. Great for trees, hedges and shrubs, as well as vegetables, flowers and general garden use.

Agromaster 16-8-16+5MgO is 79% coated NPK, with extra magnesium included to enhance photosynthesis and plant energy. Specifically designed to aid the growth of fruit, vegetables and field grown nursery stock and is safe to use even at the early crop stage.

Osmocote PrePlant 17-9-10+2MgO+TE is a powerful fertiliser which provides nutrition for trees, shrubs and plants for a full season. The unique resin coat provides a consistent release system ensuring that plants receive the required levels of nutrients at different stages of their growing cycle.

Broadleaf P4 is a granular polymer which can absorb hundreds of times its own weight of water. This can dramatically reduce plant losses due to moisture stress and improves establishment and growth. Works well in conjunction with Rootgrow.

Root Dip provides an inoculation for all sizes of soft and hardwood trees as well as shrubs and bushes and helps them to establish their root system and develop healthily. Root Dip works by absorbing water and slowly releasing it to the plant root. This is essential for transplants, which may not be in the ground for several weeks, as it ensures that they are given sufficient moisture until planting.

Landscaper Pro Tablets 15-9-9+3MgO provide a consistent slow release of vital nutrients to your plants for up to 2 years with just a single application. Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium are made available for uptake by the plants at a steady and reliable rate, reducing wastage into drains, ponds and ditches.

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