Broadleaf Root Dip

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It is important to ensure that all new plants are given the best chance to survive and flourish. Root Dip provides an inoculation for all sizes of soft and hardwood trees as well as shrubs and bushes and helps them to establish their root system and develop healthily.

Root Dip works by absorbing water and slowly releasing it to the plant root. This is essential for transplants, which may not be in the ground for several weeks, as it ensures that they are given sufficient moisture until planting.

Once in the ground the Root Dip not only helps the plant directly by continuing the moisture intake and nutrient uptake but it also helps to improve the surrounding soil and plant eco-system.

Using Root Dip is an extremely economical way of looking after your plants. Just 1kg of powder will provide treatment for up to 1,300 45-60cm transplants and reduces the need for additional fertilisers.

Please note that Root Dip should be used in conjunction with Broadleaf P4 when the plant is out of the ground for an extended period to ensure that enough moisture is provided.


Simply add the powder to water and stir. The polymer powder absorbs the water and becomes fully hydrated into its usable, gel form in only a few minutes.

For guidance, 100 grams of powder will absorb approximately 20 litres of soft water and 15 litres of hard water. 

Root Dip is available in 2kg and 10kg buckets or a 25kg bag.

Product safety

Download the Broadleaf Root Dip safety data sheet.

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