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  1. Buckle Tree Ties
    Buckle Tree Ties
    As low as £1.08 £0.90
  2. Supersoft Tree Ties
    Supersoft Tree Ties
    As low as £0.41 £0.34
  3. PVC Tree Belting
    PVC Tree Belting
    As low as £28.09 £23.41
  4. Easy Fix Nail-on PVC Belting
    Easy Fix Nail-on PVC Belting
    As low as £20.76 £17.30
  5. Rubber Tree Belting
    Rubber Tree Belting
    As low as £51.37 £42.81
  6. Biodegradable Jute Tree Strap
    Biodegradable Jute Tree Strap
    As low as £42.88 £35.73
  7. Chainlock Tree Ties
    Chainlock Tree Ties
    As low as £15.60 £13.00
  8. Hoop Collars
    Hoop Collars
    As low as £0.18 £0.15
  9. Rubber Tree Cushions
    Rubber Tree Cushions
    As low as £1.08 £0.90
  10. Rubber Jumbo Spacers
    Rubber Jumbo Spacers
    As low as £1.70 £1.42
  11. Rubber Blocks
    Rubber Blocks
    As low as £1.80 £1.50
  12. Galvanised Clout Nails
    Galvanised Clout Nails
    As low as £3.46 £2.88
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Our range of Tree Ties to secure trees to Machine Rounded Stakes, include Buckle Tree Ties & Supersoft Tree Ties. We also offer a range of Tree Belting, to support larger trees when planting, including PVC Tree Belting, Easy Fix Nail-on PVC Belting, Rubber Tree Belting, Biodegradable Jute Tree Strap & Chainlock Tree Ties.

Buckle tree ties come complete with a hoop collar or spacer. Manufactured from polycarbonate, buckle tree ties are extremely strong and durable, and have a life expectancy of around 10 years. These are available in 38cm, 45cm and 60cm lengths.

Supersoft tree ties are manufactured from soft plastic and act as a ‘figure of 8’, which eliminates the need for a spacer. These are available in 30cm, 40cm 50cm and 60cm lengths.

Our PVC tree belting is the most cost effective form of tree strapping in the range. Whilst allowing some stretch, which is of benefit to the tree in terms of aiding wind resistance, the PVC belting is strong enough to last over a decade in outdoor conditions.

Easy Fix Nail-on PVC Belting is over 40% stronger than standard belting. Recognising that in most applications the belting is nailed to the fixing stake, reinforcements are made to the belting in this area, and nail holes are pre-formed which prevents nails doing further weakening damage to the belting, whilst allowing for easy installation.

Rubber Tree Belting is a more environmentally friendly option compared to PVC belting. Offering more stretch than the PVC belting, aiding the tree’s wind resistance, the give also means that the belting requires less maintenance. Rubber belting should have a lifespan of around eight years in outdoor conditions.

Biodegradable Jute Tree Strap is a highly environmentally friendly alternative to PVC and rubber belting, it is the ideal belting for today’s ecologically sensitive landscaper and gardener.

Chainlock Tree Ties offer a simple and versatile tree tying medium. Used widely for tying, tree support and strapping purposes, the chainlock tree tie is both adjustable and reusable.

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