Betula (Birch)

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  1. Betula pendula - Silver Birch
    Betula pendula - Silver Birch
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  2. Betula pubescens - Downy Birch
    Betula pubescens - Downy Birch
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We provide a range of Betula bare root plants, including Betula pendula and Betula pubescens.

Fast-growing, the Silver Birch (Betula pendula) has a light canopy, which casts dappled shade allowing other plants to grow beneath it, pendulous branches and golden yellow autumn leaf colour.

Downy Birch (Betula pubescens) is a narrow, conical tree with more upright, ascending branches than the pendulous Silver Birch. It has downy young shoots, which are most pronounced on younger trees, and sharply toothed leaves which are also downy on the underside.

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