Weed Control Mats

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Individual pre-cut weed mats will suppress competition to young trees and help to retain moisture at the base of the plant.

We offer two economy options; a woven polypropylene weed mat and a polythene weed mat.

Woven polypropylene weed mats

Manufactured from woven polypropylene, the weed mats come with a slit from the centre to one edge, meaning that installation consists of simply wrapping the mat around the plant and securing with five pegs; one for each corner, and one for the overlap.

Weed mats are essential to suppress weeds when you are unable to spray the base of the plants. Generally, the polypropylene weed mats have a lifespan of around five years, which is more than enough time for a tree to become established.

Our woven polypropylene weed mats are available in two sizes; 50cm x 50cm and 1m x 1m.

Polythene weed mats

Polythene weed mats are an extremely cost effective method of weed control, whilst helping to reduce water loss. With a lifespan of around two years, the polythene weed mats provide the absolute minimum requirements for trees.

Our polythene weed mats are pre-cut with a slit to the centre for easy installation and are offered in two sizes; 60cm x 60cm and 1m x 1m.

For more details, please see our Downloadable Advice Sheets.

Weed Control Mats
Type Polythene Polythene Woven PolypropyleneWoven Polypropylene
Form Mat Mat MatMat
Colour Black Black BlackBlack
Composition Polythene Polythene Woven polypropyleneWoven polypropylene
Width 60cm 1m 50cm1m
Length 60cm 1m 50cm1m
Area covered 0.36m² 1m² 0.25m²1m²
Split/spat Square Square Square Square
Opaque Yes Yes YesYes
Water permeable No No YesYes
Biodegradable No No NoNo
Lifespan 2 years 2 years 5 years5 years
Recyclable General waste General waste General wasteGeneral waste
  4 LDPE 4 LDPE 5 PP 5 PP

Prepare the area
1. It is important to prepare the ground before laying your matting. Ideally weed the area and/or strim to create a flat surface.

Laying the mats
2. Notch or pit plant your plant then wrap your mat around its base, ideally overlapping the edges slightly to avoid weeds breaking through.

Pegging the mats
3. Fix the mat in place with pegs or metal pins as indicated. For windier locations we recommend using extra pegs or pins (i.e. 9 vs. 6).

Download PDF

Download Technical Data Sheet

Our carefully prepared, information-rich technical data sheets can be downloaded in PDF format for convenience.

Download link:
Weed Control Mats - Polythene - Technical Data Sheet (914 KB)

Weed Control Mats - Woven Polypropylene - Technical Data Sheet (877 KB)

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