Seed Sourcing Grant

4 October 2022
Seed Sourcing Grant

Seed Sourcing Grant

The Seed Sourcing Grant (SSG) is now open for applications.

The SSG is a competitive grant to provide support for activities that enhance the quality, quantity, and diversity of tree seed sources in England.

It is open to any UK-based public, private, or third sector organisation that can demonstrate how the grant will be used to enhance the quality, quantity, and diversity of English seed stands and seed orchards. Individual private landowners may also apply for eligible activities on their own land. Joint applications are also acceptable, and any partners should be listed in the application form.

The following groups are identified as potential applicants to the SSG:

  • public and private sector tree nurseries and tree seed suppliers
  • research institutes including public sector research establishments
  • landowners including private and public landowners and NGOs
  • NGO’s working on tree improvement and other aspects of seed and tree production

Find out more information here:

The Forestry Commission is running a free webinar on the Seed Sourcing Grant on 11th October 2022. Register to attend here: