Lonicera periclymenum - Honeysuckle

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Cell grown from November to the end of April.

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We recommend

We recommend that you plant with Rootgrow™ to boost growth and increase survival rates.

Boost growth with Rootgrow

A vigorous evergreen climber and native to the UK, the common honeysuckle of woodbine is a fast-growing flowering shrub with pink-tinged creamy white flowers, a strong scent and berries for all season interest.

Site and soil

Will do well on moist but well-drained soils . Works well in any aspect, exposed or sheltered but prefers shaded roots with top in sun or light shade.

Height and spread

After 10 years: 4m x 1.5m
After 20 years: 8m x 2.5m

Leaf and bark

Oval dark green leaves with short stalks are formed in pairs and provide foliage all year round.

Flower, seed and fruit

Tubular pink-tinged yellow/cream flowers in the spring are sweet-smelling, especially as night falls. Bright-red berries follow in the autumn.


Hedgerows, woodland and scrubland or for covering unsightly walls and boundaries. A good ornamental addition bringing wildlife and interest.


Insects are attracted to the flowers. The evening scent of the flowers attracts pollinating moths. Small mammals may use honeysuckle for food, shelter and nest-building. Its’ flower nectar provides a welcome source of energy to insects and mammals alike.


Allow to roam in a more natural wildlife garden but prune in winter if space needs managing.

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