Biodegradable Weed Mat Rolls

Biodegradable Weed Mat Rolls

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Our fully biodegradable weed mat roll is made from jute fibres with a biodegradable backing. Ideal for linear planting, the weed mat roll is robust and easy to install.

The biodegradable weed mat roll retains moisture in arid conditions but allows passage of moisture in damp conditions without compromising the ability to suppress weed growth, resulting in improved growing conditions without the need for chemical treatment.

The weed mat roll should be fixed into position with pegs or pins. The mat should be overlapped where possible to restrict weed growth. When planting, cut an L-shape into the mat and fold the corner back.

The biodegradable weed mat roll will last for approximately two growing seasons. This may vary due to site conditions, the manner of installation and severe weather conditions.

The biodegradable weed mat roll has a weight of 450g per m² of material and is available in a 25m roll with a width of 1m.

Form Roll
Colour Natural with black backing
Composition upper layer 100% jute
Composition bottom layer Black oxo-degradable* polythene film
Weight 450g/m2 (+/- 5%)
Nominal thickness/depth 5mm
Opaque Yes
Water permeable Yes
Width 1m
Length 25m
Area covered 25m2
Folded No
Biodegradable 100%
Lifespan Two growing seasons (approx. 24 months depending on weather)
Recycling Compostable/organic material
Recycling - 61

*Oxo-degrading film
Step 1: Irreversible chemical degradation happens by ultraviolet light, heat, oxygen or film stress, causing the film to become fragmented and water wettable.
Step 2: Micro-organisms attach themselves to the molecules and consume the remnants completing the bio-degradation. The result is carbon dioxide, water and biomass.