NexGen Tree Shelters

100% biodegradable protection for young trees, nurturing healthy growth, leaving only a positive environmental legacy.

NexGen tree shelters can help you replace the use of plastic tree shelters and nylon cable ties with a viable, environmentally friendly alternative. So confident are NexGen about their range, they will have a 5 year Warranty against material failure (T&C apply).

The man behind the innovation is Gary Hurlstone, whose father Graham invented the Tubex Tree Shelter in the mid 1980’s. Gary took his father's 35 year old design and set out to deliver a range of protection that performs at least as well, whilst being environmentally friendly and cost effective.

The tree shelters are made from a special mix of British wool, a biodegradable polyol (made from ethically sourced cashew nutshell liquid and castor oil), and an innovative biodegradable custom polymer.

At its heart is a simple concept that has taken six years of extensive research and development, working with foresters, landowners and industry experts, to deliver the next generation in tree shelters.

Scientifically proven as 100% biodegradable this is a tree shelter that delivers the perfect environment for young tree plants to thrive in, without harming the environment.


  • 100% biodegradable - no need for collection and recycling
  • Protects from browsing animals and creates a microclimate to promote healthy growth
  • Easy installation - with pre-fitted releasable metal ties


If you are interested in using NexGen Tree shelters, please contact the office or complete the contact form below.