Wrapping the vine


The core principles of plant protection apply whether you are planting out a tree, shrub, hedging or vine plant. If you protect your young plants from pests and chemical spraying, whilst at the same time creating a micro-climate that fosters growth, you give your young plants the best chance of not only surviving their early years – but thriving.

BHT are well known for supplying plants and plant protection to the landscape, forestry and farming sectors. What is less well known is that we also support the growing number of vineyards in the UK.

Our changing climate means growing vines is increasingly viable. Viticulture in the UK is now widespread, stretching from Cornwall to Kent, right up to North Wales, Yorkshire and increasingly further north.

BHT supplied one such vineyard in Norfolk with 16,000 Tubex Vinewraps and 16,000 Bamboo Canes in Spring 2020. Beautifully planted out (see the photo above), the vines in this field are being given the best possible chance to succeed because of the protection used on them.

Tubex Vinewraps are one the most popular forms of protection for vineyards in the UK. Usually lasting at least two seasons, their robust twin-walled UV stabilised polypropylene construct protects the vines from animal browsing, herbicide sprays and accidental damage during mechanical weeding. Additionally, it will not disintegrate in the rain - unlike the single layered cardboard tubes typically used in vineyards across Europe.

Supplied in nests of two for ease of transportation, each wrap has a flared rim to minimise stem abrasion. The wrap-around design also makes installation simple. Either wrap around or place over the young vine and supporting cane and push into the ground slightly. The wrap splits vertically, allowing for easy vine inspection, pruning and bud rubbing as required.

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1 March 2021
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