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Tree growth boosted with tree protection

Tree growth boosted with tree protection
28 June 2018 No comments

Trees thrive in quality treeshelters; the microclimate within the tube helps to promote accelerated growth, whilst protecting young trees from predators, herbicides and inhospitable environmental conditions. That’s why we, as the UK’s leading specialist supplier of bare root trees, shrubs, hedgerow plants and planting accessories, recommend and supply TUBEX treeshelters with our trees to the forestry sector.

An ideal microclimate

Treeshelters have been found to significantly accelerate the growth of the tree. This is because the treeshelter provides an ideal microclimate that is conducive to improved plant growth through the control of temperature, levels of carbon dioxide and moisture, as well as light spectrum and intensity. These are all important factors in the key processes of photosynthesis, respiration, transpiration and photomorphogenesis.

Photosynthesis, the conversion of CO2 and water into oxygen and energy stored in the form of carbohydrates, requires blue and red light, which is absorbed by the green chlorophyll in the tree. This process requires a good supply of CO2 and water and performs better at slightly higher temperatures. These stored carbohydrates are used in cell growth and the building of new tissues through respiration, which is reliant on the amount of heat and moisture in the air around the plant. It is important that the levels of respiration and photosynthesis are in balance.

The transportation of minerals from the soil through the plant, as well as the moving of sugar and plant chemicals through the tree relies upon the process of transpiration, the evaporation of water from the aerial parts of the tree. A tree also requires light for the independent process of photomorphogenesis, through which specific wavelengths of light direct the growth and morphology of the tree. These have an impact on the tree’s shape, node to node distance, root to shoot ratio, flowering and shade avoidance.

A healthy balance for good, strong growth

A healthy balance between these different processes is vital for the promotion of good, strong growth, especially for a young tree. Left to its own devices a tree will manage the balance between photosynthesis, respiration and transpiration by slowing down its growth. For example, if a tree’s photosynthesis rate is high but its respiration rate is not high enough to break down the photosynthates produced photosynthesis will either slow down or stop to allow the tree to maintain balance.

During healthy and balanced growth a tree will allocate its biomatter to all its organs, in response to its environment. Therefore, the key indicators of plant growth are apical shoot, stem girth, shoot and root development. Research on Prunus Avium has shown that treeshelters help to maintain an excellent balance between tree height and stem diameter, with growth sustained for many years after the tree has emerged from the tube.

Creating the balance

A treeshelter’s microclimate helps to create the required balance by providing warmth, varying levels of moisture and CO2, reduced air movement and modified light. This ensures faster establishment, better survival rates and root protection, which means that fewer and smaller trees can be planted, making planting more cost effective.

All-round Protection

Not only will a treeshelter help protect a young tree from foraging animals, such as deer or rabbits, but it will also protect it against herbicides and mechanical maintenance methods. Trees protected by treeshelters are easy to identify and therefore easier to maintain, helping to reduce overall maintenance times and costs.

Tubex Tree Protection Products

TUBEX has developed a wide range of environmentally friendly, photodegradable products to suit all tree protection requirements. The treeshelters have laserlines to allow them to split open as the trees grow, flared rims to minimise plant abrasion and are pre-fitted with high quality ties. They are nested for low cost storage and transportation and are manufactured in adherence with ISO 9001:2008 quality control.

At British Hardwood Tree Nursery, we take great care in the sourcing of high quality UK grown trees and young hedging plants. Fitting these plants with TUBEX protection ensures that they will have the best start in life so they can grow into the strong healthy trees and hedging of tomorrow.