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Replacing plant losses from the extreme Summer 2018 | The EPREC

Replacing plant losses from the extreme Summer 2018 | The EPREC
15 October 2018 No comments

Did you receive grant funding for woodland creation and planted last Winter? Have you subsequently faced significant losses in these newly planted trees and hedging due to the unusually warm Summer this year? Then help is at hand - you may be eligible for a new grant to replace and plant afresh. EPREC is a new grant for replacement plants - are you eligible?

Plant losses post-Summer 2018 – what can you do?

EPREC: New Grant for Replacement Plants

Working closely with the Rural Payments Agency (RPA) and the Countryside Stewardship (CS) delivery services, the Forestry Commission can now offer a new grant for restocking. These Extraordinary Payments for Restocking in Exceptional Circumstances (EPREC) will pay a cost per tree - £1.28 – for replacement supply and planting of new trees.This will sit alongside the existing grant agreements and will help woodland and landowners to meet their outputs.

Are you eligible?

The FC will be writing to all of those agreement holders that these payments may apply to.The full criteria and further details are available on the Forestry Commission website or you can request full details from the directly by emailing EPREC@forestry.gsi.gov.uk.

These payments will only apply to trees planted last Winter and when it can be ascertained that losses are due to the extreme summer conditions only.