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Planting for the next 100 years

26 November 2017 No comments

The Lincoln Cathedral Copse

Our British Hardwood Tree Nursery family took part - young and old - at yesterday's (Sunday 26 November 2017) Cathedral Planting at Ashing Lane Nature Reserve in Dunholme. It takes over 100 years for an oak tree to grow to the maturity needed to create timber for Lincoln Cathedral roof so we were more than happy to start this ball rolling, supporting the Nettleham Woodland Trust with the donation of oak saplings for the establishment of the Cathedral Copse.

Heralding the advent of the bare root season

The British Hardwood Tree Nursery family and friends, including three generations of the Hendersons, the owners of the business, took to the fields in Ashing Lane Nature Reserve on Sunday 26 November 2017. They were joined by over 100 other community members who had purchased an oak sapling to plant with Nettleham Woodland Trust in the newly-created Lincoln Cathedral Copse in Dunholme, Lincolnshire.

Lincoln Cathedral Copse

Rhys and Olly, planting for the next 100 years

Continuing the celebrations of the 800 year-long Charter of the Forest to annually plant oaks for future restorative projects for the Lincoln Cathedral in 100 years and beyond, the planting also marked the final day of this year’s National Tree Week and heralded the advent of the bare root planting season.

Community Spirit

Greeted on this cold, crisp yet sunny autumn day by representatives of Lincoln Cathedral and Nettleham Woodland Trust, the eager tree fans enjoyed great ground conditions with plots pre-dug by volunteers from the Trust. The oak saplings were planted, heeled in and protected by tree guards to ensure longevity and healthy pest-free growth.

"Families came out all with their spades in hand. It was lovely to see children planting trees for the future."

The planting ceremony was opened by Chris Williams, the Chairman of the Nettleham Woodland Trust. Proceedings were continued by the Very Reverend Christine Wilson, Dean of Lincoln Cathedral, who addressed the planting crowd and blessed the Cathedral Copse. The Cathedral also supplied and carved the lime stone and plaque that takes pride of place amongst the young trees.

The Cathedral Book of Oaks

“Everyone has been thrilled and rather moved with the whole event. Families came out all with their spades in hand. It was lovely to see children planting trees for the future. The trees have now been digitally mapped and the names of the donors will soon be entered into the Cathedral Book of Oaks.” said Anita Holdich, the Cathedral’s organiser of the event.

The Cathedral Needlework Guild sponsored the stakes and the saplings were donated by the British Hardwood Tree Nursery team.

The whole event was filmed by the BBC and will appear on a Spring edition of Songs Of Praise.