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Grants and Funding for Woodland and Hedgerows 2017

5 February 2017 No comments

Make the most of your woodland grants: Apply now

There are a number of options available to those involved in the planting of new woodland and forests within the UK. The deadline for submission of Woodland Creation applications for these funds is MARCH 1st 2017.

There are also a number of associated grants available – please make sure you gain the maximum financial support available to ensure we can all play a vital part in continuing to create and maintain healthy, new woodlands and planting schemes across the country.

Some of your options are highlighted below, including links to the Government’s webpages with more details on each:

  • Woodland Creation 10 Year Maintenance Payments: for those who have completed their planting under the Woodland Creation grant - £200 a hectare, per year for 10 years
  • Tree Health Grants (Restoration and Improvement): A new form will be available from gov.uk from 24 February. Funds available for restocking of woodland due to felling because of tree disease.
  • Woodland Management Plan Grants: Apply all year round via the gov.uk and soon online through Rural Payments. Further details here.
  • Countryside Stewardship Funding: A new leaflet is available with full details of all grants, their suitability for you and how to apply.
  • Hedgerows and Boundaries Grant: Apply now and before 28 April if you are a farmer or landowner and can demonstrate a need to improve your farmland boundaries.
  • Woodland Creation 2016/2017: If you have not yet claimed for an awarded English Woodland Grant Scheme capital grant from 2016/2017 – hurry! Your claim must be submitted by 31 March 2017 to your local Forestry Commission Admin Hub.