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British Hardwood selected as main distributor of Tubex tree protection products

9 July 2014 No comments

select distributors Tubex tree protectionBritish Hardwood Tree Nursery Limited have been selected as one of only five authorised distributors of Tubex tree protection products from July 2014.

Tubex is the UK’s leading producer of tree shelters to enhance growth of young plants and protect plants from bark-stripping and browsing animals. Their tubes, shelters, guards and meshes are widely used by estate managers, farmers and landscapers to promote successful establishment of young trees and shrubs.

British Hardwood have been chosen after cementing a strong partnership with Tubex over many years, developing sales of the full range of tree guards, meshes, wraps and shields accompanying demand for their own young plants, grown and supplied to the forestry and landscaping markets across the country.

From our central location in Lincolnshire, the southernmost of the selected distributors, we are perfectly situated to supply customers across the UK. We have an established delivery network covering the furthest reaches across mainland Britain.

With Tubex’s decision to favour their most promising distributors, British Hardwood’s managing director, Andrew Henderson, is keen to continue to develop the market for tree accessories alongside his own catalogue of young plants. “The Tubex name is synonymous with tree protection within the UK and as a distributor, we are able to offer the complete tree planting solution to our customers”. He continues “We have developed sales of Tubex products by headlining the brand and promoting their full range of tree products within our catalogue and online.”

Andrew started the company a quarter of a century ago with his father and continues at the helm with his team from their North Lincolnshire base. He added “In our 25th anniversary year, it is a welcome commitment from Tubex to put their products in our hands to maximise supply and strengthen the offer of the complete planting solution to our customers.”

Tubex products, bare root trees, shrubs and hedgerow plants are available for wholesale supply from British Hardwood Tree Nursery Limited and for private purchasers from www.treesandhedging.co.uk. For further information, please visit www.britishhardwood.co.uk, email sales@britishhardwood.co.uk or call the Sales team on 01673 818443.