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'Afforestation' – our new favourite word

'Afforestation' – our new favourite word
9 July 2019 No comments

'Afforestation' is our new favourite word. Meaning the process of planting trees, or sowing seeds in a barren land devoid of any trees to create a forest, it will contribute to delivering the UK target of net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. Find out why we love the term.

At the heart of the government's proposals, published by the Committee on Climate Change: 'Net Zero: The UK's contribution to stopping global warming', is a recognition of the fundamental role trees play in quickly and effectively capturing carbon and helping to offset the UK's greenhouse gas emissions.

The report points out that afforestation is falling substantially short of current targets and that a dramatic increase in tree planting is needed. These targets are due to increase to 27,000 hectares planted/year by 2025, however less than a third of this is currently being met. There is much work to do.

Translating the targets into more meaningful numbers, around 3 billion new trees need to be established, through a creative combination of natural regeneration, planting new broadleaf woodlands, coniferous plantations, hedges and urban trees.

If each of the UK's 27 million households planted and cared for just 3 to 4 tree or hedging plants each year, by 2050 this target will have been met. Overlay this with large scale planting projects and we stand a chance of achieving this very important target.

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'Afforestation' could prove to be one of the most important words in our vocabulary…something we are committed to supporting and something we can all help deliver.