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5 good reasons to plant woodland

26 October 2010 No comments

Whether you are a farmer, a major landowner, a town planner or simply someone who wants to invest in the environment, The Woodland Trust, says buying trees makes sound sense.

1. Privacy

Trees are fantastic for screening off unsightly buildings and reducing noise. Hedges help to divide fields and provide shelter. Try blackthorn and hawthorn.

2. Improve Farm Productivity

Planting trees boosts your conservation profile and creates wildlife habits and game cover. It also provides you with a sustainable source of wood fuel, giving you an alternative to fossil fuels.

3. Water Management

Dense groups of trees and shrubs can form a barrier to moving floodwater and they are better than grassland when it comes to reducing the flood's peak. Trees also help to cut the amount of pollution which reaches rivers, thanks to absorbing pollutants as they grow.

4. Shape Our Future Landscape

Plant some trees today and watch them start shooting up. It takes 12 years or so before they start making their mark, but the could be around for hundreds of years to come.

5. Cool Characters

Landscapers can use trees to reduce the "urban heat island effect", where towns and cities are actually hotter than the surrounding countryside. So you see - they're not just good to look at!