Primed and ready for UK Tubex distribution

Published 30th Jul 2014

Tubex tree protection products

Following the announcement by Tubex to focus on a refined list of key UK distributors, we have taken our first delivery of tree protection products and are now primed and ready for the season.  Not only are we knee-deep in preparation for next season's stock arrivals, with our full range of planting accessories, we've got everything you need to ensure your newly-planted trees thrive and flourish.  

British Hardwood Tree Nursery Limited were selected as one of only five authorised distributors of Tubex tree protection products in July 2014 after many years of supplying these leading planting accessories by wholesale and online via

Tubex is the UK’s leading producer of tree shelters to enhance growth of young plants and protect plants from bark-stripping and browsing animals.  Their tubes, shelters, guards and meshes are widely used by estate managers, farmers and landscapers to promote successful establishment of young trees and shrubs.


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