Oak Planting: Lincoln Cathedral Copse

Published 13th Aug 2017

Plant your own Cathedral Copse Oak

Lincoln Cathedral Oaks

It takes over 100 years for an oak tree to grow to the maturity needed to create timber for Lincoln Cathedral roof. Thankfully, the Cathedral team, sponsored and supported by Nettleham Woodland Trust and British Hardwood Tree Nursery, have the foresight to plant now!

Oak trees for the next 100 years

To celebrate the 800 years' anniversary of the Charter of the Forest and the Battle of Lincoln which took place in 1217, Lincoln Cathedral are encouraging people to plant an oak in Ashing Lane Nature Reserve in Dunholme for just £12.17.

Lincoln Cathedral Copse

Donated by British Hardwood Tree Nursery

Our very own Nick Hopper bought his oak at the Lincolnshire Show earlier this summer.  The trees will be planted in November 2017, when the bare root planting season commences.  His young oak plant sapling is just one of the plants donated by British Hardwood Tree Nursery this year.

If you would like to buy an oak, please contact Anita Holdich via email.



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