Flexible investment options

Published 27th Oct 2010

Experts say that investing in trees is not only good for environmental sustainability, it can make sound financial sense too.

Whether you are looking to spend just a few thousand pounds on planting a small area of land or considering buying tens of thousands of trees for a large estate, this sector offers you lots of options, grants schemes and tax breaks.

The Confederation of Forest Industries' chief executive Stuart Goodall said: "Forestry and tree planting schemes offer really flexible investment options, but people and businesses should seek professional advice about grant schemes and associated tax benefits.

"First of all they need to define the driving force behind their potential investment. It might be the opportunity to access tax relief, or they may want to produce high quality wood for the future or even be eager to encourage further biodiversity on their land.

"The great thing about forestry, is that it offers investors real choice, due to the sheer variety of tree species, the ways in which a forest can be managed and how large the area to be planted is."

British Hardwood Tree Nursery is happy to advise farmers and landowners about grant schemes.


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