Countryside Stewardship starts in July 2015

Published 18th Jan 2015

Countryside Stewardship Scheme starts in July 2015 - Applications from 1 February 2015

Countryside Stewardship (previously known as NELMS) officially starts on 1 July 2015.   Confor will be running a series of events in the spring to keep the industry fully informed of the scheme's benefits and how to apply.

Announced in the CAP Update of 19 December 2014:


  • An application window for Woodland Creation will run from 01 February to end of May 2015.
  • Applications for the Tree Health and Woodland Planning capital items can be made from February 2015.


The Scheme outlines:


  • Capital grants of up to £6800/ha; and
  • Maintenance payments of £200/ha pa for ten years (£2000/ha)
  • Any land that was eligible for Single Farm Payment and is afforested under Countryside Stewardship will be eligible for the Basic Farm Payment in addition to the above funding
  • Rates for conifers and broadleaves should be the same, offering opportunities for strong silvicultural schemes to be brought forward assuming they can meet the wider policy criteria
  • All projects will be evaluated competitively and will be scored against national criteria and funding will be targeted
  • Proposed targeting will focus on Water Framework Directive; Biodiversity 2020; and, expansion and linkage to ancient woodland



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