Tubex Ecostarts

Tubex Ecostarts

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75cm  57-73mm  150  1.01 0.91 0.83 0.77 0.71 0.66 0.64 0.62
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Tubex distributor

Tubex Distributor

We are an official Tubex distributor.

Discounted square sawn tree stakes when purchased with protection

You can benefit from discounted stake prices when purchasing a similar quantity of protection, where the stakes are required to support the purchased protection. If you are planning to purchase square sawn tree stakes too, please use this option to benefit from discounted prices.

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Please note that there is a minimum order value of £50.00 + VAT, excluding delivery.


Delivery to UK mainland is included for stock orders over £750.00 + VAT (subject to postcode surcharges). For full details on delivery please view our delivery page.


Tubex Ecostarts are the most economical solution for rapid hedgerow and woodland establishment and best suited to slender plants. Tubex Ecostarts improve the microclimate around the plant, thereby encouraging growth during the establishment period.

Protection guide

Ecostart Height

Stake Required*

Protection Against



Vole, Rabbit




*It is advisible to use a longer stake for sandier, lighter soils.

Tubex Ecostarts also protect against wildlife damage – notably voles, rabbits and hares (depending on the size of the Ecostart) – and will ensure that herbicide does not come into contact with the plant during spraying.

The choice of Ecostart depends on the wildlife present; for protection against voles and rabbits, we recommend the 60cm Ecostarts. Where there is a risk of hares damaging the plants, opt for the 75cm Ecostarts.

The Ecostarts come in nests of 5 tubes, with the tubes varying in diameter from 57mm to 73mm, and will suit any type of soil condition. They come with pre-fitted, releasable ratchet ties for easy attachment to a square sawn stake.