Rootgrow Mycorrhizal Fungi

Rootgrow Mycorrhizal Fungi

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Rootgrow™ simply speeds up an existing natural process.

Top gardeners like Monty Don recommend using Mychorrizal Fungi when planting bareroot plants.

Rootgrow™ enhances a plant's root system so a newly planted plant:

  • Finds more food, finds more water.
  • Needs less fertiliser.
  • Establishes quicker and reduces failure rates.
  • Has increased tolerance to drought and difficult soil conditions.
  • These fungi are completely natural and organic and native to UK soils and are suitable for organic growing.

Mycorrhizal fungi are widespread throughout nature and are a fundamental reason for normal plant growth and development. Over 90% of all plants associate with these natural organisms as a mechanism for sustained nutrient and water supply.

Shortly after application the fungi contained in rootgrow will begin to colonise the plant or tree roots, extending the root system into the surrounding soil via an extensive network of fungal filaments (up to 20 metres have been recorded in a sugar cube of soil). These thread-like filaments extract nutrients and water from a large soil volume and exchange them for carbon from the plant. This secondary root system, when established, links the root systems of adjacent plants or trees and helps share, more efficiently, nutrient resources throughout the plant community.

Great for trees, hedges and shrubs, as well as vegetables, flowers and general garden use.

RHS gardeners find plants treated with Rootgrow™:

  • Have superior establishment with better natural vigour.
  • Overcome replant problems more successfully.
  • Have better developed root systems.
  • Are better able to cope with conditions of drought.


  • One 360g pack will treat approximately 100 2ft bareroot plants.
  • One 1kg pack will treat approximately 300 2ft bareroot plants.
  • One 2.5 litre pack will treat approximately 750 2ft bareroot plants.

Dipping gel is provided with the 360g and 1kg pouches, and comes with full instructions. When mixed together with water, as directed, it will form a perfect dipping solution to ensure maximum coverage of the mycorrhizal fungi on the roots of plants.