Picea sitchensis (Sitka Spruce)

Sitka Spruce


Bareroot from November to April

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The Sitka Spruce is very fast-growing and is the largest of the world’s spruce species, introduced into Britain in 1831 by the great plant hunter David Douglas. It is the most commonly planted tree in commercial forestry for timber production in Europe and the USA. Originating in Alaska, it does best in areas of high rainfall where it will grow up to 1m a year, producing high quality usable timber in as little as 50 years.

Site and soil

Does best on wet, peaty soils, but is tolerant of all but very dry, shallow soils. Good at high altitudes and in exposed and coastal sites.

Height and spread

After 10 years: 9m x 4m
After 20 years: 18m x 7m

Leaf and bark

The leaves are needle-like with sharp spines at the tip. They are dark green above and covered with a white bloom beneath. The bark has a purplish tinge, becoming greyer with age, breaking into plates.

Flower, seed and fruit

The flowers open in May; the females are red or pinkish and are followed by green cones which ripen to brown in autumn.


Commercial forestry, woodland, shelterbelt, golf courses. The timber is very light and strong and is used in the construction industry, boat-building, in the manufacture of musical instruments and for wood pulp. The leaves are used to make spruce beer.


The Sitka Spruce provides cover for a wide range of animals and birds. Nesting and hunting sites for Goshawks and Sparrowhawks. The Coal Tit, Siskin, Crossbill and Tree Creeper are all attracted to this tree.


The Sitka Spruce is not normally pruned.