National Tree Week 2011

Published 28th Sep 2011

National Tree Week

26th November 2011 - 4th December 2011

More and more organisations and individuals are realising that there are so many good reasons to plant trees for the future.

These "green lungs" not only add interesting new dimensions to the landscape - whether urban or rural – but they also improve air quality, create shade, increase biodiversity, reduce the effects of flash floods and more!

National Tree Week, which is masterminded by The Tree Council, runs from November 26 to December 4th, and provides an ideal opportunity for everyone from community groups to landowners to discover the true benefits of planting a variety of species.

Apart from being the UK’s major annual tree celebration, this time of year also heralds the start of the winter tree planting season.

That means now is the time to take action and respond to the National Tree Council's call to help redress the ongoing loss of trees, which may have disappeared for any number of reasons, from the impact of diseases, drought or new developments.

Tackling this issue now is vital if future generations are to enjoy the wellbeing benefits offered by a healthy green environment.

The Tree Council's member organisations, which include voluntary bodies, schools and community groups, along with its 8,000 tree wardens, typically mark National Tree Week by setting-up fun events.

These are designed to encourage thousands of people to get together and plant in the regional of a million trees.

Any groups looking for ideas for their own 2011 projects can find out more by visiting the National Tree Council's website, at where they can also register their events.


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