46,500 trees supplied as part of the Glastir Woodland Creation scheme

British Hardwood Tree Nursery recently supplied a total of 46,500 trees to South Wales, as part of the Glastir Woodland Creation grant scheme, which is organised by Forestry Commission Wales.

The new woodland creation grant scheme is available to all landowners across Wales with more than 0.25 hectares of land, providing the land is deemed suitable for new planting by Forestry Commission Wales and conservation bodies, and that there is no conflict with other agri-environmental schemes.

Of the 46,500 trees provided by British Hardwood Tree Nursery, 23,000 were Oak and 10,000 were Beech, with the remaining 13,500 made up of a mix of native broadleaves.

Further information regarding the Glastir Woodland Creation scheme can be found via the Forestry Commission web site: http://www.forestry.gov.uk/forestry/infd-6j2gxd.