Defra's Chalara Management Plan

Published 6th Apr 2013

Following the outbreak of Ash tree dieback that was identified in February 2012, Defra has issued its Chalara Management Plan. An updated version of its interim Chalara Control Plan that was published in December 2012, it;

  1. Provides an update on the action Government and others have already taken in response to the disease. 
  2. Sets out new science-based and proportionate action that will be taken now that Defra’s understanding of Chalara and the costs and benefits of action has developed further.
  3. Outlines further work that will be undertaken to develop Defra’s understanding of the disease. 

The Management Plan sets out action around four key objectives:

  1. Reducing the rate of spread of the disease.
  2. Developing resistance to the disease in the native ash tree population.
  3. Encouraging  landowner, citizen and industry engagement in surveillance, monitoring and action in tackling the problem.
  4. Building economic and environmental resilience in woodlands and in associated  industries.

The actions announced in the Plan also include research into resistance to Chalara, funding to assist landowners with replanting of diseased newly infected young ash trees and details of action to be taken to tackle Chalara.

Click on the link to read the Chalara Management Plan in full.


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