British Woodland Survey 2017: results

Published 26th Mar 2018

Survey highlights need to incentivise planting

The latest British Woodland Survey 2017 results have been welcomed by the Royal Forestry Society.  The resulting report paints a clear and powerful picture of what is needed - and wished for - in the creation and improvement of British woodlands.

The findings particularly highlight a strong case for creating more resilient woodland, giving greater worth to them overall and incentivising new planting projects.

76% of respondents support biodiversity, but there is an widespread acknowledgement that there is still a reticence to diversify tree species, with fears of the impact of climate change and the continuing onslaught of pests and diseases. 

The Results: Infographic

British Woodland Survey Results 2017

On new planting, the results show an eagerness to increase UK's woodland area, with the right incentives.  This strengthens the case for a thorough overall of the current grant system, which would not appear to be delivering the changes that the necessary level of woodland creation requires.

There were 1,630 respondents to the survey, which represents approximately 20% of woodlands in private ownership.

The British Woodland Survey is co-ordinated by Sylva Foundation


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