Your bareroot guide this season

Published 28th Oct 2015

Bht 2015/2016 New Catalogue: Important Planting Guide for your reference this bareroot season

Bht Bare Root Trees Catalogue 2016

Whilst we know it’s great to be able to search online for your hedging and planting stock every season, sometimes you need to quickly thumb through your supplier’s catalogue, make notes, scribble estimates and have a point of reference right there, in your hand.

Published in time for the bareroot season, the latest Bht Trade Catalogue 2016 is now available for your forthcoming planting plans. A full-colour, priced reference guide, the new 50-page catalogue is a comprehensive library of plants and accessories.  We have every aspect of your bareroot season covered from trees, shrubs and hedgerow packs to tree guards, protection, weed matting and fertilisers.

Grab your copy now and you’ll also find general planting information, guidance, species suitability and sizing information at the turn of a page.


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